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Yearn.Finance Code Review

Yearn.Finance has emerged as the premier yield aggregator in the DeFi landscape, offering individuals, DAOs, and protocols a convenient and effective way to deposit assets and generate yields. This innovative platform is governed by YFI token holders, ensuring a decentralized approach to yield generation. Yearn vaults...

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Moonbeam | Crypto Deep Dive

Fundamental Scorecard(all categories scored out of 10) Smart MoneyLow CompetitionTeamUse-CaseInvestors10589.007.56 DistributionAuditROI PotentialTokenomicsFinal Score8n/a8.00981.31% Thesis Moonbeam network is an EVM smart contract platform built on Polkadot.  Using Moonbeam, Ethereum developers can port their dApps to Polkadot with little to no changes...

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