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Solv Protocol, Revest Finance | Hidden Gems – DeFi


Solv Protocol, Revest Finance | Hidden Gems – DeFi

Review Date: March 29, 2022

We scored over 50 DeFi coins to watch this week, and these are 3 DeFi names we think you should know about. Please keep in mind that some of these projects have not yet been subjected to our code review process, but we want to call them out here for preliminarily catching our eye based on our fundamental analysis process.

Polynomial Protocol (82%)

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Polynomial Protocol is a one-stop options protocol coming soon to Optimism, other Layer 2’s, and EVMs. Polynomial has two key features: one is an options vault where you can easily enter into different options strategies, and the other is an options aggregator that both allows users to mint their own options as well as combining liquidity across multiple options markets.

Why we like it

The number of options protocols in the DeFi space continues to grow, which is exciting as it facilitates options to become available on more chains and layers and in new configurations. However, this also creates a potential downside where assets are split too heavily across the options space and transacting on any one platform becomes more difficult as each individual liquidity pool is more shallow. An options aggregator alleviates this concern by pooling options of similar characteristics into one platform, creating a better experience for everyone.


Polynomial has raised $1.1M in a pre-seed round from Archetype Capital Management, Genblock Capital, Paul Veradittakit (of Pantera Capital), and more.

The Team

All three of the co-founders have a degree from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, with impressive experiences across software engineering. The Director of Product Design also has two years of experience at Instagram.

Token Utility

The project is still early in its development and utility details will follow. At the base level, token holders will be able to participate in governance, with the potential for profit sharing from any of the vault and trading fees.

Where can you buy the token

TBA. Polynomial Earn Vaults are coming soon to their Optimism mainnet with the potential to earn yield on assets there.



Solv Protocol (79%)

Website Documentation